m-e-dical.com - Quality and Guarantee

Our instruments are sold worldwide and without compromise they meet the highest quality requirements such as the European CE norms and the FDA norms in North America. All instruments are made of best materials (material & grade according to ISO 7153 material requirements for specific instruments), crafted on mainly German machines and tools. Quality control during and after the manufacturing process is as strict as can be, and of course all our production sites are certified according to
DIN EN ISO 9001/DIN EN 46001 or DIN EN ISO 9002/DIN EN 46002 as well as GMP (FDA USA).

For each of our instruments we offer a full 3 year warranty

if any defects show due to faulty material or craftsmanship. Should a defect show during the correct and appropriate use or our instruments we provide a full replacement. Since we have no control over the actual use of our instruments any claims are limited to the product and the paid price. We usually supply our instruments with satin finish (standard for Germany and Europe), but on special request we can also supply them with mirror or matt finish.