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Fine Image Co. Ltd. with its extensive experience in production and worldwide distribution of medical products has developed this comprehensive online catalog in cooperation with German doctors, with the goal to provide good quality at fair prices.

As a globally operating enterprise under German management our factories are located in several different countries. Best materials are processed on mainly German machinery and with strictest quality control - to ensure not only best quality but also value for money. We always ship and invoice from one of our warehouses in Germany, the USA or Thailand - usually the one nearest to our customer, but possibly any one also depending on our customer's particular requirements.

Doctors, hospitals, any other professionals and institutions have for the first time ever immediate access to a comprehensive and transparent range of medical instruments, without having to ask for a catalogue, for a pricelist or having to contact any dealer with whom they can possibly negotiate a discount. No special registration required, unrestricted and immediate access from anywhere in the world, 24 hours a day, every day of the year. No hidden fees or charges - but open discounts and a service that even includes marking of your instruments with your own clinic or hospital name.

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Fine Image Europe, Hauptstr. 81A, 34277 Fuldabrueck * Tel. +49-157-80383942 * Fax +49-561-470055