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Later this year we plan to include acupuncture needles in our product range. We would like to take this opportunity to find out which needle thicknesses and lengths would be mostly ordered so we can stock the correct sizes. While most common lengths are 25-50 mm, with common thickness of about .25 mm, the actually available lengths range from 7 mm to 200 mm, while available thicknesses are 0.16 mm to 0.45 mm, providing a total of over 160 possible combinations. Please answer the following questions in case you are generally interested in buying acupuncture needles:
Preferred needle thickness in mm (must be between .16 and .45)
Preferred needle length in mm (must be between 7 and 200)
The needles come in packs of 100, all individually packed and sterile, with plastic tube.
Price per 100 in standard size (up to 75 mm length) will be 8.90 (about US$ 8.00).
How many packs would you expect to order per year?
Your E-Mail Address
We will inform you as soon as we have acupuncture needles on stock.
You may already now preorder by e-mail and ask questions or give any comments you may have.